Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We still have two days left in our Seuss week but since it is his birthday I just had to go on and post some of what we've done.

We had already eaten eggs earlier in the year when doing a science experiment so we had a special kind of green eggs.

I posted earlier in the week that our curriculum has us cover persuasive writings in the media.  Here are a couple of the Green Eggs and Ham "Magazine Advertisements."

She said these are the Green Eggs you'd make for your man.  Oh My Goodness!

This is her skinny mom with her green eggs and blue ham.  :)

The next day, after reading the Cat in the Hat we designed a new hat for the Cat and persuaded him to wear it. 

This hat absolutely amazed me. 

We did a favorite books pictograph.  I got the "talking graph"  idea from the wonderful Mrs. Patton at Patton's Patch
 I didn't take take any close up pictures of what they wrote, but this is what some of them say:

"If Hop on Pop had one more it would be the same as The Cat in the Hat."
"One fish, Two Fish has the most."
"Green Eggs and Ham and ABC book have the least." 

The day we did this graph, One Fish, Two Fish was in the Buddy Reading Center.  I think that may be why it won.  :)

Here we are with our hats right before it was time to eat cake.  We've done some other great activities but these are probably my favorite (and I have homework, so I better go!!).  I hope everyone had a Seusstastic day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. SEUSS!

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  1. AAAAAAAdorable!! I am going to eat my green eggs and ham and fall in love with my man. :) lol! so cute!