Friday, June 29, 2012

Turn the Music Up! ~ Linky Party

I am linking up with Amanda from Teaching Maddeness for her Turn Up the Music Linky Party!

First up, I love Ron Brown of Intelli-tunes!  I went to a workshop he did at the big Texas Summer Math Conference a few years ago and fell in love with his songs.  I think I bought almost ever math CD that he had with him.  Click the image below to check out his math CD's, but explore the site because there are a ton of great thing, including freebies! :)
As a side note, it is such a small world.  Ron's daughter has become a bloggy friend of mine.  She is having a big ole giveaway right now! Her giveaway pushed me right over into a follower milestone, so be looking for a giveaway from me as soon as her's ends. Click the image to check out her fabulous giveaway.

Now, back to the music!  

Second, I love using Lucas Miller.  He is a singing zoologist.  His songs are fun, upbeat, and the kids love him! Some are super silly, but they are still educational.  Here is a video for his Metamorphosis Song about the a tadpole changing into a frog.  

Check out a sample of his music by clicking {here}. 

Next, Dr. Jean probably has a song for almost anything you might want to sing about in the classroom. She is so much fun!  Here is a link to her blog: Dr. Jean and Friends.  She also has a website with great resources, but while typing this post it was temporarily unavailable. It is  Hopefully, it will be back up soon and I will update this post! :)  For now, check out her blog and this video of birthday ideas and songs.

Finally, what primary classroom is not complete without Greg & Steve?  They are super fun and great for energizers or indoor recess. 

Now click on over to Teaching Maddeness to check out the rest of the great classroom music that is out there!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

BLOGS Gone Wild

Blogs, Blogs, everywhere there's blogs. 
Fillin' up my Reader, makin' my eyes start to fog. 
Click this, click that, can't I read all these blogs?!?

This post has three sections containing some really important stuff about blogs.  Well, it's not really important, but  will be really happy if you read it anyway. :)

 First section of this post: 

Seriously folks, there are so many GREAT teacher blogs out there!  I have so many that I follow, it is hard to keep up.  During this school year, I had to take a little break from blogging and blog hopping due to lack of time for anything ever. HA!  When I got back, I was amazed at the number of new blogs I found.
The whole point of this section of the post is this:

How do you keep up with all the great blogs out there?

Please comment and let me know! Once upon a time, I was a big commenter.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE leaving comments, but I have so many blogs to visit that sometimes I forget and get sucked into this blog hopping vortex.  I feel sad just thinking about it. :( I want to know how Jennifer and Gladys do it! They always leave sweet comments. :)

I often find myself going to my go to blogs, stalking certain blogs for a period of time, or checking pinterest and going to the blog from there.  Does anyone else do this?

Second Section of this Post:

I have been working like a mad woman to get some blogs designs done!If you do not have a bazillion blogs that you are following like I do, here are some more for you to check out.  Even if you do follow a bazillion blogs, you should still check these ladies out.  They are great.  Click each button to visit the blog.

I have been finished with Sarah's Blog for a little while now, but it is so cute and she has so many great things, I've just got to share it!  Sarah always has awesome freebies and units.  For each month she does a Literacy Menu Packet.  They are AMAZING.  She covers so many skills.  I love them!  You can check the latest one out on TPT by clicking {here}.

At Home in First is a brand new blog.  However, she came up with such a cute name and had such a clear vision for her blog, that I know she will have great things to post. So, just go on and follow her anyway!  :)

 Dana is funny and totally sweet!  She has a ton of great ideas.  I love her blog's bright colors, and I got to use graphics from one of my favorite places, The Digital Bake Shop. I am totally obsessed with Jaime's stuff! Her blog can be found {here}.

 Stacy was great to work with!  She is wonderful   Her blog will definitely leave you seeing stars. :)   Check out the way she has her students pose for pictures.  I absolutely love it.

Third Section of this Post:

 My friend Sam and I started a new blog!  Yeah, we did. We love to read and would like to get some advanced reader copies of our favorite series.  We thought, what a better way than to blog about them! I am still working on the design of the site.So, don't hate on it or I will get all sad again! :)   We have much more to come. There will be a section for children's books and books we use in our classroom along with the books that are sitting on our night stand.  Please do go visit it and follow if you love to read books too.  You can click the image to get there!

Thanks for sticking with me until the end!  Have a great Sunday Summer Night!