Friday, April 25, 2014

Learning Fun with Food

        There has been lots of learning (and eating :)) going on in room 107! My favorite appetizing activity we have done lately was at the end of our plant unit and I call it "Sorting Salad." It took very little prep and the kids loved it! I started by dividing paper plates into 6 sections and making a big salad for each table group.
I labeled the plate in the picture but had the students label their own plates.

Then the students began sorting their salads by plant parts.  

Of course some of them wouldn't eat anything without a little ranch dressing, so everyone got a squirt in the middle at the end.  Before they could eat I walked around and snapped a picture of everyone's plate for assessment.  

A few weeks ago we ended our fraction unit with a mouth-watering math lesson.   It only took a box of graham crackers, a pack of Chips Ahoy, and a container of cake frosting.  Each student got 2 cracker sleeves, 1 cookie, and about 1/2 tablespoon of icing.  I instructed the kiddos to break both crackers into 4 equal parts.  On the first cracker, I told them to spread icing on 1 out of 4 crackers.  We did the same with the second cracker, only this time we spread icing on 2 out of 4 crackers.  Then we placed the crackers back together to see that 2 out of 4 is equal to 1/2.  The cookie was the best though.  To put icing on one-third of their cookie, I had students make a capital Y covering their cookie.  Then they were to fill in the top of the Y.  It worked out pretty well!

The last tasty treat was the easiest Dr. Seuss Snack I have ever "made," and I use made loosely.  I did green eggs and ham with jello last year.   Well this year, the big man's birthday snuck up on me.  So I ran to the grocery store, got vanilla pudding, green food coloring, Cool Whip, and graham crackers.  Voila!   New and improved Green Eggs and Ham!

What are your favorite food activities for the classroom?!?