Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Extra Give-A-Way!

Amanda at One Extra Degree is having a give-a-way!  You can win 2 units from Deanna Jump's TPT store.  

For a chance to win, visit Amanda's blog:

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  1. Jena,
    Thanks for commenting on my post about the Ipad. I have one Itouch that I got this year, and I also let them use my Iphone. I really really want this Ipad. We had a school bazaar today, and I made $420- then a parent donated another $50, so I'm looking at $470!!! (We had a grill donated and that was most of it.) I don't mind putting in a little of my own money when that much is already contributed.

    Anyway, I'm trying to decide how to spend it. I love technology and really try to utilize it in the classroom.
    I do not have a smartboard yet, and before considering the Ipad, I was thinking about purchasing a Mobi Interwrite. However, I think using apps like Noterize and Airsketch will allow me to control and annotate away!

    Plus with the new Ipads coming out... and the education discount(!!!)...
    Also, I'm in graduate school at night, and I think it would help me out as well- having a mobile calendar, E-books, angry birds... :)
    Thanks for sharing- I will have to check out Brain Counts! I'm excited and I hope this all works out! Thank you for commenting!