Monday, March 14, 2011

Character Traits with Synonyms and Antonyms

When we get back from Spring Break, we will be studying character traits and learning how to increase our vocabulary. (The way our curriculum words things is so funny! :)) So, I stuck the two together. I'll project this onto our interactive whiteboard.    I will probably only copy the last slide for students to complete for an assessment.  Here is a little preview of what is in the file.  Click the picture to get the whole thing. 


  1. Cute idea Jenna! Thanks for sharing. ~Kim

  2. I love your character traits sheets. Can you send me your email address? I have a favor to ask!

    I'm new to blogging but I'm sending you my blog too!


  3. Hi Donna. Thanks for your concern, and I understand what you are saying. I don't think that you understand what I was doing with this lesson. I will stick with your example of using the nurse. I was not listing synonyms for the word nurse. I was listing synonyms for the character traits associated with nurse. For example, 'The nurse is knowledgeable.' I would ask my students, "What is another way to say this?" They may say something like, "The nurse knows a lot." Another sentence describing a nurse's character trait would be, The nurse moves quickly. I would then ask my students to use an antonym for that character trait. Their response would then be, "The nurse moves slowly," or something along those lines. :)

    By the way, in Teacher Bloggy Land, if we have a question, concern, or problem with something someone post, we email the person. As teachers, we would never embarrass or belittle a student or coworker. We don't want to do it on the web either. Thanks!

  4. Jena, I love this lesson! Thanks so much for sharing.

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