Sunday, February 6, 2011

Measurement with Jack and the Beanstalk

     I began this unit by reading Jack and the Beanstalk  to my students.  Then as with any book we read, the students answered a number of questions and retold the story.  Next, I asked the students to tell me different characters and important things from the story.  Each thing they told me, I wrote on a note card.  The students then put three or four of the cards in order from lightest to heaviest, shortest to tallest, and so on.

          Next, we created a chart of the characters and objects from the story, what we could measure on the characters, and what we would use to measure them.  I used this to get an insight into what the students already knew and where I needed to go with my teaching.

 The next step in this unit is for the students to use their feet to measure out parts of a giant.  I can't wait to put those pictures on here.  That is always a super fun activity!

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