Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Give-A-Way!!!

Brenda at Primary Inspired is having a Give-A-Way! Yay! The lucky winner will get a super fun math mat that will help students with addition and subtraction. Here is a direct link to the give-a-way: Primary Inspired 200 Followers Give-a-Way.


Get on over there to enter!


  1. Thanks for the shout otu, Jena! Good luck!

    Primary Inspired

  2. Jena, I saw your comment about where you place backpacks and reading bags and am intrigued. How many students do you have? What type of bucket do you use for the backpacks? Next year it looks like we will go up to 30 students, but I only have 24 backpack hooks. I am wondering how many tubs I would need for 30 backpacks. Hmmm ... this sounds like a math problem I might give my kiddoes!!! SInce it would be easy to fit several reading bags on a hook, I could use the hooks for those. A million thanks for your great blog! Camille

  3. Well! Your post "A Give A way" is the invitation to the students to participate and try your luck. I think it's good effort to teach the study. These types of competition help the students to analyze yourself. I really appreciated your work. Keep it up. Here find helpful stuff for the students who weak in math.
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