Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Giveaway Winners...I'm one too!

The first two ladies of my blog design giveaway are all decorated up!  Go visit them here:

and here:

OH and I won too! Jenn at Finally in First reached 800 followers! WOW! I won her giveaway and was so happy! The computer man was NOT able to recover ANY of my files that were on my external hard drive, which was everything that I had made and bought for blogging, from TPT etc. So I was totally sad, but Jenn brightened my day! I got the Place Value Go Fish Game, and I am sure my kids will love it as much as I do. :) Don't forget to visit her TPT store and her cute, newly designed blog!


  1. Awesome job...they look fantastic! I wish I knew how...alas it is not my talent! I am impressed.
    Just Love Teaching!

  2. You are so amazing! I am so sad for you. Maybe you can at least recover your TPT purchases? I lost a file from a long time ago so I clicked on the extend for 24 hours and was able to download the file again. Maybe some of your clipart is still available or you can ask the website for an extension after you tell them what happened. There are other nice people like yourself out there! Sending good thoughts!


  3. Thanks ladies! You are all too sweet. And Kim, I LOVE Digiwebstudio. I was able to download ALL the clip art that I had bought from there. I didn't even think about doing the extend thingy with TPT! Thank you so much. Like I said, you always have the BEST information!!

  4. Your blog looks great! Sorry about the loss!! That is terrible! =(
    First Grade Blue SKies.